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Scholarship News

The Class of 1952 Scholarship awards for the 2021-2022 school year have been announced. Thanks to the generosity of those donating to our Scholarship Fund, we had available for this year’s scholarship use the sum of $5,002.00. The two scholarship winners are noted below.

Elliot Gagnon-Victor is a sophomore majoring in Secondary Education. He is the grandchild of Joan Vachon Victor. Elliot is from Ellsworth, Maine.

Camron Jordan is a sophomore majoring in Civilian Engineering. He is the grandchild of Harold (Lester) Jordan. Camron is from Fairfield, Maine.

If you are interested, you can read more about UMaine Student Financial Aid and how to contribute to help a child, grandchild, etc. Please make the move to contribute to our Scholarship Fund. No contribution is too small!

Click HERE to contribute.

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We need your help with our Membership list.

Please go to the Membership page,
review our list,
and let us know you see any errors or omissions.
It was last updated January 26, 2023. Thanks.

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Class Meeting

Our last Class Meeting was at the Orono campus on Friday, the 13th of September 2019. No formal class meeting has been held since. 2022 will be our 70th reunion. Watch here and in University publications for news of the date of the meeting. Perhaps you will be able to attend!

Since our last meeting, you will note on the Officers page our list of the members of the Executive Committee. Should you have questions about the changes, please contact us using our email address below.

Class Correspondent News

Co-Presidents Al Cole and Al Pease are serving as Co-Correspondents until a new Correspondent comes forward. One or both may be calling you seeking your assistance.

We need a volunteer to be our Class Correspondent to dig out some info about our Class members and write a blurb for our column in the Alumnus. Please give it some thought and get in touch if you are at all interested. It could easily be a team effort with someone else in the Class. We have some guidelines to share with anyone interested or to a team of those interested.

We may not wait for volunteers. You could expect a call anytime in which the new correspondent may be foraging for news about our classmates.

Before you get the call, however, please consider volunteering to help find and publish news of the Class of 1952!

If you have news concerning yourself or a classmate, you can email it to us at "classof1952@me.com"

If, by chance, you do not use email, you can use "snail mail" and your news can be addressed to "Class of 1952, 30 Community DR, APT 218, Camden, ME 04843-2066."

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IMPORTANT: The information about the Scholarship
Fund has been brought up to date. Click to see the revisions.