News of the Lincoln Academy Class of 1948

65th Reunion Held June 1, 2013!

On a beautiful first of June, fourteen hardy souls related to the Lincoln Academy Class of 1948 got together at Muscongus Bay Lobster in Round Pond to celebrate the 65th anniversary of their graduation. There were ten class members, three spouses, and one spouse of a deceased class member. A few photos randomly snapped by Al that can be seen HERE and snapped by Lucille HERE.

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The annual Alumni Banquet was held that evening at Lincoln Academy with nine class members attending.

Here is a list of the current Class members, as furnished by Lincon Academy:

And here is a photo of the Class of 1948 marching to Graduation.

LA Class of 1948 Graduatoion march

And that was before "color" photos!!
How many can you identify?
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And then there was June 7, 2008. How many can you identify of the group that got together at Ava Shattuck Keene's home for lunch.

Photo of those attending lunch at Ava's home - 60th Reunion

Thanks to the 1948 Lincolnian, we have a few nore photos that might be of interest. Scanning from the Lincolnian proved not to be successful, so as a last resort, an iPhone was used to take pictures of some of the information in the Lincolnian. Probably very amateurish, but it gives us something from the days when we really were the Class of 1948! Click HERE for more photos. And, don't forget, we need more photos from our years at Lincoln - send therm along.

We note with regret and respect the names of our deceased classmates who are unable to be with us: